Monday, January 9, 2012

House Vest Pedestal

There are so many construction materials invented and produced to strengthen the buildings and houses.

The I-Beam
from Google Image

The Precast
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The Steel Deck
from Google Image

But due to storm, many houses and buildings sank in flood here in the Philippines and abroad.

And many lives were lost.

So, If ever given a chance to invent something, I will invent a House Vest Pedestal!

House Vest Pedestal - will be use as a house pedestal or base made of Styrofoam that used in life vest. It should be covered with wood or vinyl. It has bolts and nuts that will be attach to foundations to resist earthquake and strong winds. During typhoon or heavy rains, the owner can loose the bolts so when an unexpected flood arrives, the house will float.

House Vest Pedestal

This is my idea of how to install this one during construction. Please enlarge photo to see the details..
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Hope in the future this one will implement, if possible. Not just lives will be save but also hopes, dreams and properties.


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