Saturday, January 29, 2011

Farmville Addict No More

Farmville is a virtual farm game application played on facebook. I confess, i was addicted to it. I couldn't control myself playing it even office hours. It was started March 2010 when my office mate introduced it to me and forced me to play and add her as neighbor. Since then we started to compete each other and be on a top level. But when I reach level 80, I lost interest in playing it. I don't know why, maybe because i promise myself that when i reached level 80 i will stop it or maybe because my office mate were already stopped playing it. Whatever the reason is, hopefully I can keep it.

Level 80 Farmville Farm

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jackie said...

Hello Yen,

have you invested on City Ville? neighbor ta ha hehehehehe...

Yen said...


yeah.. sige, neighbor ta.. add mo ko sa fb hehe..

Yen said...


thanks for posting my blog.. God bless..

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